About us

The company Water Vital was founded by professional chemical engineers as a result of long scientific water research and studies of water technologies in order to be able to introduce the innovative technology of “living” structured water to the world and allow everyone use this technology for personal and industrial purposes.

Thus, the existing water problems have been solved as a result of research and experiments. Some new water features and aspects of water technologies were discovered as well as the special role of water molecules in chemical processes. Structured water has always existed but it was noticed just a short time ago. In the world there are only a few studies on this topic.

The main goal of the company Water Vital is to make its products, developed and manufactured in Turkey, world-known and widely used as a high-tech solution for water problems.

Structured Water Technology

“Living” water is a water with original hexagonal structure or in other words “structured” and “activated” water. The “SuYasatma” named technology of “living” water works on the natural principle of structuring the water molecules and on natural low resonant frequency of water molecules, which can not be replaced by any process or technology.

“Smart fluid”, which is located inside the Water Vital devices, does not come into contact with the water to be purified, it ensures the water restructuring on the basis of the resonance principle.

Water and food acquire their natural structure (hexagonal) with WaterVital devices. The problems of the formation of calcareous deposits and corrosion, the spread of bacteria in water are became solved thanks to this natural technology, that also allows to obtain economic benefit in industrial use.

The Water Vital system and equipment do not require maintenance personnel and an energy source. Also this system does not need maintenance service, there are no consumables, it does not require repair. Delivery and installation is very simple. The technology is non-waste, effective and is widely used in more than 55 countries around the world. Technology is also environmentally friendly and safe for nature and supported by environmentalists.

Water Vital devices for creating “living water” are not purification, not filtration, not magnetization, not ionization, not water softening systems. This is a completely different innovative technology. Equipment for the creation of structured water developed and manufactured in Turkey, has a guarantee of 5 years and gives the best results in solving water problems in different industries.

Features of “SuYasatma” technology

From a chemical point of view, water is composed of molecules that are grouped in clusters. Structured water is the arrangement of individual water molecules where six units of H2O are sequentially connected and form an annular structure. This unique arrangement is the basis for a more complex crystal network that is formed when multiple hexagonal structures are combined. Living water has a surface tension of 18% less, water is softer and more saturated with oxygen.

In “living” water anaerobic bacteria (harmful bacteria) die, while the original, natural structure of water serves to strengthen aerobic bacteria (good bacteria).

In structured water the calcium carbonate is destroyed which leads to the dissolution of limestone and reduces the formation of calcareous deposits.

The magnetic tie between water molecules and metal ions is became weak so that the corrosion effect decreases by a factor of 24.

There is a well-known fact of the ability of water to save and transmit information about all chemical elements including heavy metals and toxins, which were ever presented before filtration in water. This information about even gone harmful elements is transmitted by vibrations and these vibrations are capable of destroying the human body. Water Vital equipment completely cleans water from this negative information by creating structured water. In this sense, water becomes not just “living”, but also healthy.

Structured water is more filled with energy than unstructured water and is most preferred for biological organisms and human bodies.

It is clear that the “SuYasatma” technology and Water Vital equipment is required to get natural, healthy water and solve the problem of poor quality water for personal use and for industrial purposes.

Using Water Vital equipment increases energy efficiency, reduces water consumption, waste and chemicals, and helps protect the environment and nature.

For humans structured water slows down aging, improves metabolism, increases the body’s overall resistance, gives energy. Also, structured water improves digestion and promotes the rapid treatment of skin diseases. The absence of impurities and the correct structure of water make easier the penetration of water through the intercellular membranes, which helps to cleanse the body of toxins and excess fats. Blood is purified and cholesterol is excreted from body, the walls of the vessels are cleaned and strengthened.

With the help of Water Vital devices you get real “living water”, balanced in composition and having the same structure as natural water.

Areas of application of “SuYasatma” technology


Water softening

“SuYasatma” water structuring technology can be used in water softening systems to extend the life of such systems, as well as to save energy and salts.

Sewage systems

Improves the sewage systems, reducing the amount of bacteria and bad odor, creating a healthier ecological environment.

Heating, cooling, steam systems

Thanks to the equipment of Water Vital, the formation of lime, rust, scale is reduced, and the efficiency of using energy and chemicals is increased.

Use of chemicals

Reducing the surface tension of water in reduces the consumption of chemicals in different industries and increases their effectiveness.

Swimming Pools

Water Vital makes water in swimming pools healthier and safer, improves the color and transparency of water, reduces the consumption of chemicals for swimming pools, reduces the growth of bacteria.

Publishing House

The colors and contrast of the print are saturated, the speed of drying is increased, the consumption of paints is reduced, the spread of bacteria in the water and the formation of corrosion is prevented.

Sauna and spa

Structured water makes hair and skin more shiny, soft, smooth, the quality of steam and water rises, the efficiency of procedures in saunas increases, the growth of bacteria is prevented.

Plants and landscape

Structured water makes the structure of plants stronger, better assimilates iron from the soil, increases flowering, plants are less likely to get sick, and the need for fertilizers decreases.


Reduces the formation of rust and limestone, increases the lifecycle and efficiency of the autoclave, provides better hygiene of sterilized items.


Beverages from living water are more aromatic, the taste is more mild and dense, bubbles of carbon dioxide are reduced in size, the fermentation rate increases.


Structured water allows you to achieve a balance of processes in the body, remove the increased acidity of body cells, improve the delivery of oxygen, increase the body’s resistance to harmful effects.

Kitchen and food

Food becomes more delicious, fragrant and healthy, longer remain fresh. The maintenance intervals for the kitchen equipment are increased.

Meat and meat products

The use of structured water as a washing water improves the quality of meat, enhances the taste and prolongs the shelf life, and reduces salt intake for brines.

Milk and dairy products

“SuYasatma” water improves the taste of milk and dairy products, reduces the need for chemicals for cleaning the equipment of the dairy industry.

Flour production

The maintenance periods of equipment for flour production is increasing, energy saving is achieved, bran is better separated from wheat, which allows to obtain more white flour with a high shelf life.


The linen becomes softer, cleaner, the consumption of washing powder and conditioner decreases, the smell of waste water is neutralized, the formation of limestone is reduced.

Bakery products

The dough becomes homogeneous and reveals the full taste of wheat, the use of yeast is reduced to 20-30%, baking for a long time remains fresh, fragrant and does not crumble.


Structured water increases the rate of mineral dissolution in the soil, plant growth accelerates, yields increase, plants become less sick, fertilizer and chemicals consumption decreases.

Cattle Breeding

Improves the health of animals, the coat becomes more shiny, the weight of the animal increases, and the birth rate increases. The formation of odors in the stable is greatly reduced.

Poultry farming

The need for vitamins for birds decreases, they become more alive, more dynamic, and the mortality rate drops. Increased water consumption and reduced feed intake.

Installation of industrial equipment Water Vital