Turkish company Water Vital® offers equipment for structuring, activating water, creating “living water” on the basis of SuYasatma™ technology for both personal use and for industrial purposes.


  • Softening systems
  • Sewage systems
  • Heating, cooling, steam systems
  • Swimming pools, saunas, spa
  • Personal health care
  • Food industry
  • Laundry cleaning
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock production
  • Sanitation systems
3,5-100 m³ per hour
Simply installed in the main water supply line.

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for 0,5-1000 m³
Can be used as single or double system.

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Energy Pen
Drink “live water” at any time in any place.

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Energy Pendant
Preserves the water structure in human body.

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The Water Vital system and equipment do not require maintenance personnel and an energy source. Also this system does not need maintenance service, there are no consumables, it does not require repair.

Industrial pipe type system is one of the devices developed by Water Vital based on SuYasatma technology for the production of structured water to be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, for washing machines and dishwashers, in toilets, for cleaning purposes, for heating or cooling systems, for swimming pools, and also as drinking water.

Water Vital pipe systems are easily and quickly installed on the main water supply line. There are several different models of pipe type systems, depending on the diameter of pipes, the amount of water consumed and flow rate, the water pollution factor and area of application.

Inside the Water Vital® industrial pipe type systems there is a “smart fluid”, that does not contact with the purified water (flowing through the internal channel of the pipe system) but resonates with it and thus restores the water structure.

Making water and food healthy, giving the water the right hexagonal structure, this technology and system also solves the problem of the formation of limestone and corrosion and naturally reduces the growth of bacteria, which ultimately leads to economic efficiency.


Water Vital® offers industrial submersible type systems (in the form of steel cylinders) for wells, reservoirs with water, baths, ponds, lakes, pools, artificial ponds, aquariums. Tank submersible systems can be used as a single cylinder, or double. The Water Vital system makes water “living”, restores its correct structure, improves the quality of the water itself in industrial quantities and for industrial purposes.

Delivery and installation is very simple. The technology is non-waste, effective and is widely used, is also environmentally friendly and safe for nature and supported by environmentalists.

» In industrial pools
» Water wells
» Reservoirs with water
» Aquariums
» Tanks with water in agriculture
» Wastewater
» Swimming pools
» Ponds
» In residential complexes
» In the drilling industry
» Military camps
» Man-made lake
» Storage tanks for greenhouses
» Fishing industry
» Hotel business
» Catering business
» for 1000m³ volume
» for 500m³ volume
» for 250m³ volume
» for 50m³ volume
» for 10m³ volume
» for 1m³ volume
» for 0,5m³ volume
» for bottles

Special products for individual use and healthcare.

Healthy structured water for you and your family, drink “live ” water and be full of energy.


Daily use of the Energy Pendant will make your body strong and healthy, you will be full of energy. You can also wear it over clothes.
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Water Vital Energy Pen with the formula “SuYasatma” inside will allow you to make any drinking water “living” and restore water structure at any time in any place.
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