The company WaterVital took part in the 28th international exhibition of hotel equipment Anfas, held January 18-21, 2017 in Antalya, Turkey.

At the exhibition the company demonstrated its latest developments in the field of water cleaning for the purposes of hotel business and also for other industries. The stand of WaterVital company and “SuYasatma” brand was visited by many famous people, owners of the largest hotels in Turkey, officials, as well as guests from other countries.

Anfas exhibition is intended for professional visitors. Participants in the exhibition presented the latest achievements of the industry: kitchen equipment, construction materials, interior design and decor, furniture, textile products, information technology, equipment and chemicals for laundries and dry cleaners and much more.

The Anfas exhibition is an international professional event for hoteliers and restaurateurs, demonstrating a creative atmosphere, fresh trends, innovative technologies and the latest equipment for the hospitality industry.

As of this report, the total of re-book sales for 2018 that have been done during the “early bird period” is 3500+ sq.m.

“As WaterVital-Turkey’sTechnology, we rented a booth space at the HotelEquipment Exhibition of 2016 when the remaining time of the Exhibition’s opening was only one week. The Exhibition has been very satisfactory for us. It provided great connections and additions to our business. This year we came back with a bigger booth space. The Exhibition kept us very busy, as we conducted many business connections. The executives of the organization company, ANFAŞ, also showed a great hospitality during the Exhibition. We have been very excited about the positive results of the Exhibition, and we rented even a bigger booth space for 2018. We met many new companies thanks to the Exhibition and started to do demonstrations afterwards. I would like to let everyone know with all my sincerity that ANFAŞ HotelEquipment Exhibition has a great contribution for introducing our technology successfully to the business world.
I would like to say “thank you” to ANFAŞ executives and everyone who made the Exhibition happen. We will see you next year!
Warmest Regards, “
Mr. Hüseyin Balseven – WaterVital – Turkey Technology