Energy Pendant (Personal Use)

350  + KDV

Water Vital Energy Pendant  with the formula “SuYasatma” inside  allows water in your body to maintain a healthy structure and stay your body energetic and resistant to negative frequencies. The Energy Pendant enhances your personal energy by strengthening your body’s own energy centers and creating a natural defense field.
Energy Pendant has a stylish design, you can also wear it over clothes.
Daily use of the Energy Pendant will make your body strong and healthy, you will be full of energy.

h: 60 mm
w: 10mm


“Living” water is a water with original hexagonal structure or in other words “structured” and “activated” water. The “SuYasatma” named technology of “living” water works on the natural principle of structuring the water molecules and on natural low resonant frequency of water molecules, which can not be replaced by any process or technology.

For humans structured water slows down aging, improves metabolism, increases the body’s overall resistance, gives energy. Also, structured water improves digestion and promotes the rapid treatment of skin diseases. The absence of impurities and the correct structure of water make easier the penetration of water through the intercellular membranes, which helps to cleanse the body of toxins and excess fats. Blood is purified and cholesterol is excreted from body, the walls of the vessels are cleaned and strengthened.